Fall 2011

Pediatric OSA: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention

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Conference Overview

Early identification of sleep breathing disorders in your pediatric dental population can prevent developmental issues and overuse of the already strained US healthcare system.
As with adult OSA, approaching pediatric OSA from multiple perspectives is necessary for effective treatment.  These 9 lectures (including 1 audio-only lecture), recorded live at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix during the ACSDD 2011 conference, will give you the necessary knowledge to begin successfully managing OSA in your pediatric dental population.
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Titles and Lectures

Total Runtime - 12hr:30min;34sec
  • Review of OSA Treatment Options in Children

    Chirag Pandya, MD
    Runtime - 49min;37sec
  • Review of Polysomnography in Children

    Deepak Shrivastava, MD
    Runtime - 1hr:43min;57sec
  • T&A Removal, the Gold Standard for Treatment
    of Pediatric OSA

    Scott Voorman, MD
    Runtime - 1hr:33min;23sec
  • The Evolution of Malocclusions
    and Sleep Apnea

    Brian Palmer, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:44min;21sec
  • Review of Sleep Disorders
    in Children

    Rafael Pelayo, MD
    Runtime - 1hr:49min;35sec
  • Functional Orthodontics in the Treatment of the Pediatric Airway

    Edmund Liem, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:17min;20sec
  • Obesity in Children and Adolescents – Magnitude of the Problem and Treatment

    Wendy Wright, NP
    Runtime - 1hr:6min;18sec
  • Factors Affecting Growth and Development of the Airway and the Role of the Dentist in Pediatric Sleep Breathing Disorders

    Allen Moses, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:29min;33sec
  • Psychosocial Characteristics with Pediatric Facial Development

    Rosanne Walsh, LMHC, LMT
    Runtime - 56 min; 30 sec
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