Fall 2012

Multiple Care Pathways for the OSA Patient

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Conference Overview

A care pathway is the path a patient takes as he or she moves through the healthcare system.  You and your staff interact with your patients as your patients navigate their care pathways.  These 8 lectures (including 1 audio-only lecture), recorded live at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix during the ACSDD Fall 2012 conference, will provide you with valuable insight into your patients care pathways.
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Titles and Lectures

Total Runtime - 11hr:23min;11sec
  • Phenotypic Traits in
    Sleep Apnea

    Deepak Shrivastava, MD
    Runtime - 49min;37sec
  • Nutrition, Chiropractic,
    and Sleep

    Jeffrey Mersky, DC
    Runtime - 1hr:27min;14sec
  • Sleep Medicine: A Platform for Specialists Providing Options for Care

    Randy Townsend, RPSGT
    Runtime - 1hr:23min;49sec
  • The Spectrum of Neurological Disorders
    & Sleep

    Michael Lacey, MD
    Runtime - 1hr:10min;6sec
  • Maxillo-Mandibular Osteotomies for the Treatment of OSA

    Larry Wolford, DMD
    Runtime - 1hr:15min;13sec
  • Can We Prevent and/or Completely Eliminate OSA?

    William Hang, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:51min;34sec
    (audio only)
  • Is it sleep disordered breathing or breathing disordered sleep?

    Roger Price, B.Sc
    Runtime - 1hr:27min;12sec
  • Pediatric OSA: Sleep Apnea and Cognitive Development

    Phillip Cooper, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:11min;56sec
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