Spring 2012

Let’s Talk Appliances at Talking Stick Resort

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Conference Overview

Treatment options for sleep breathing disorders include lifestyle changes, Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), and surgery. However, Oral Appliance Therapy is the gold standard for mild to moderate Obstructive Sleep Apnea for patients who do not respond to or do not elect to use CPAP (Kushida et al, 2006).  There are over 100 FDA-approved oral appliances, each with its own unique way of managing sleep breathing disorders.  
These 12 lectures (including 5 audio-only lectures), recorded live at the Talking Stick Resort and Conference Center in Scottsdale, Arizona during the ACSDD Spring 2012 conference, will lay out the pros & cons of well-known appliances
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Titles and Lectures

Total Runtime - 12hr:05min;33sec
  • The Herbst

    Rod Willey, DDS
    Runtime - 33min;4sec

    Mark Abramson, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:15min;56sec
  • FullBreath

    Bryan Keropian, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:1min;25sec
  • SUAD

    Patrick Strong, DD
    Runtime - 48min;51sec
  • EMA

    Roy Hakala, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:15min;43sec
  • Silencer/Respire

    Michael Gelb, DDS
    Runtime - 38min;31sec
    (audio only)
  • Issues Facing Canadian Dentists

    David Rawson, DDS
    Runtime - 32min
    (audio only)
  • AirwayEase MAS

    Mark Paschen, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:3min;54sec
  • TAP

    Paul McLornan, DDS
    Runtime - 1hr:14min;2sec
     (audio only)
  • Establishing Conditions for Appliance Use

    Ellen Crean, DDS, PhD
    Runtime - 1hr:21min;13sec
    (audio only)
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